For years the group have been a leader in the production of Power Harrows, Rotary Cultivators, Flail Mowers, Mulchers and Seed Drills to name but a few products. Over 120 different types of machines are manufactured, 75% of which are exported across the world.

OPICO are the sole UK importer for the GASPARDO range of machines, the range currently consists of three main types of Precision Drilling units with a variety of frame types. These offer precision drilling for a wide range of crops.

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Maschio UNICO reversible plough - Breaking new ground

Farmers and contractors looking for a new plough are currently spoilt for choice. Last month Profi approached Maschio for their driving impression feature.


First Showing of Mirco Semi-Mounted Plough in the UK

Expecting to be on sale in the UK this autumn a new bigger and ‘beefed up’ semi-mounted Mirco plough will be on the Maschio stand for an exclusive showing at LAMMA19.

7 weeks ago

Alitalia Combination Drill: on farm £25,000

Anyone looking at replacing a power-harrow drill should seriously consider the current deal being offered on Maschio’s Alitalia combination. At £25,000 for a 3m machine it represents serious value for money.

11 weeks ago

OPICO are the sole UK importer for the range of machines from MASCHIO GASAPRDO.

The MASCHIO range includes ​power harrows, flail mowers, rotary cultivators, combination drills, tine drills and hedge cutters, with an extensive list of models to suit any farm requirements and tractor size.

The GASPARDO range currently consists of three main types of Precision Drilling units with a variety of frame types. These offer precision drilling for a wide range of crops.​

Every model is built under extreme scrutiny ensuring excellent quality, reliability and very low maintenance.

The MASCHIO GASPARDO philosophy “EASY MAINTENANCE” can be clearly seen throughout every machine, each one is fully loaded with simple but great ideas enabling maintenance and setup modification to be carried out quickly at the most part without the need of any tools.

Maschio Gaspardo is an international Group, leader in the production of agricultural equipment for tillage, seeding, crop care, green maintenance and hay making.


The Group produces a wide range of rotary cultivators, power harrows, mulchers, precision planters, cereal seed drills, combination cultivator-drills, flail-mowers, ploughs, minimum tillage, spraying and hay making equipment.

The Company has 11 production plants, 8 in Italy and 3 abroad in Romania, India and China. Moreover, Maschio Gaspardo has 12 sales branches worldwide.

The Group currently employs approximately 1,800 people, held together by the following core values:

  • Strong orientation to productivity and work
  • Proactive approach to growth and development
  • Service and quality check
  • Strong customer care
  • The Group economic growth is based on continuous R&D, performed by a large team of technicians, but also through the synergies created with the top leaders of the agricultural sector at an international level.

A solid company that conceives new solutions, implements and gives life to new technologies, introduces and spreads its knowledge for the development of agriculture.

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